Welcome to the NewPipe Development Docs

This site is/should be a beginner friendly tutorial and documentation for people who want to use or write services for the NewPipe Extractor. However, it also contains several notes about how to maintain NewPipe. It is an addition to our auto generated Jdoc documentation.

Please be aware that it is in its early stages, so help and feedback is always appreciated :D


The NewPipeExtractor is a Java framework for scraping video platform websites in a way that they can be accessed like a normal API. The extractor is the core of the popular YouTube and streaming app NewPipe for Android. It is entirely independent from said platforms and also available for additional platforms as well.

The beauty behind this framework is that it takes care of the extracting process, error handling etc. so you can focus on what is important: Scraping the website. It focuses on making it possible for the creator of a scraper for a streaming service to create the best outcome with the least amount of written code.